My work with Perpetuum, and with Floor van Wingerden in particular, started in DFS (DSM Food Specialties) in our Dairy Ingredients business unit. Via a number of multidisciplinary workshops, Floor introduced the innovation team to a new way of guiding principles for innovation. By combining customer needs and market trends with DSM’s technical innovation opportunities, we enriched the more traditional insight-out oriented ideation process with a more commercial outside-in view.

In a second project, Floor and I embarked on a program for the DSM Biotechnology Center (DBC), aiming at developing mission statements and value propositions for the different departments of this research center. In a number of inspirational workshops, Floor helped the teams of scientists in thinking not only about technical competences, but also about customer values. This has resulted in a number of solid mission statements and value propositions, providing guidance to the strategic directions for the DBC departments, and helping DBC as a whole to create stronger communication material.

Floor is a passionate expert who uses her natural leadership skills to guide teams through sometimes complicated matters outside of their own comfort zone. Floor takes personal ownership to get the very best result out of the team she has been working with.

Cindy Gerhardt,
Chief Operation Officer DSM Biotechnology Center


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