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Rob van der Westerlaken

Rob is co-Founder and Partner at Perpetuum. He has over 20 years (international) management experience in large commercial educational institutes. In 2002 he stopped as General Manager of Schoevers Bedrijfsopleidingen and followed his passion. "Thinking and working in solutions, that's my point. Building on successes and talent delivers power and results. This crisis calls for different ways of working and thinking. Teams are the determining factor in the organization’s competitiveness. Connecting with others, really understanding each other, taking time to step back and discovering and establishing new ways of working, that's my passion. Realizing that it is an illusion that we can monitor and control everything. Making mistakes  is human and creates space and connections. That connection inspires people. Connecting is the true art of setting people in motion. Organizations are run by and for people, literally and figuratively."

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