Daniella Zwaaf  

Daniella Zwaaf joined Perpetuum as a partner in 2015. After completing her university degrees in Law and Economics she joined PwC as management consultant in the strategic and M&A disciplines. She made the transition to trainer, coach and faclitator when she realised that her true inner drive is to facilitate the development of people and collaboration as a key succesfactor in achieving results. She developed a no-nonsense, practical view on change and growth.
Daniella:” Working with individuals, teams and organisations has taught me that so much stands to be gained from truly listening to eachother. To actually express views and opinions and being willing to uncover barriers by open dialogue and feedback. It is my passion to facilitate this process on all levels to make personal and professional development a continuous process owned by the organisation and its professionals themselves.

Daniella works from a profound belief in the talents and talent potential of each person and group of people working together. She will empower you, your team or organisation to take ownership of the process of inevitable constant change and development in order to achieve your goals.

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