The Perpetuum Partners have a collective wealth of experience  as coaches, trainers and facilitators of processes. Our successful style of working is both positive and confronting. We are both people -and task oriented with an eye for the individual as well as the interests and ambitions of the organisation, with a full focus on 3 main aspects:

Return on investment

Perpetuum is aware that every program  that is put in motion, is an investment in time and money. We set ourselves the objective to define and establish the Return on Investment together with our customer. Each assignment is developed in partnership, where we take joint responsibility for the process, as well as for the results.

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  • Ronald van Westering
  • Jacco Beentjes
  • Floor van Wingerden
  • John Bastiaanssen
  • Jolanda Holwerda
  • Marlou van Paridon
  • Ilse Heesterbeek
  • Rutger Wijnholt
  • thomas-vencken
  • Rob van der Westerlaken
  • Alexander van der Heijden
  • Daniella Zwaaf