The Perpetuum Partners have a collective wealth of experience  as coaches, trainers and facilitators of processes. Our successful style of working is both positive and confronting. We are both people -and task oriented with an eye for the individual as well as the interests and ambitions of the organisation, with a full focus on 3 main aspects:


Perpetuum assesses your wishes and demands and gives our vision for possible solutions. Together with you we develop tailor-made programs, which are being supported within the organisation. Our corresponding beliefs are:

  • Potential: we see people and organisations as an indefinite source of energy, creativity and talent.
  • Connecting: the power is in the connection between people amongst themselves and people within the organisation; we aim to link the vision to action and to the core of professionalism.
  • Impact: without impact there is no movement; we work on meaningful programs for the individual and the organisation, in which the content and process go hand in hand.
  • Long-lasting: we focus on long-lasting results for all stakeholders.
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  • thomas-vencken
  • Floor van Wingerden
  • Daniella Zwaaf
  • Rob van der Westerlaken
  • John Bastiaanssen
  • Jacco Beentjes
  • Marlou van Paridon
  • Jolanda Holwerda
  • Alexander van der Heijden
  • Ronald van Westering
  • Rutger Wijnholt
  • Ilse Heesterbeek