To create a movement

The most important assets in your organisation are your employees. They make the difference. The optimal use of individual qualities, the creation of effective teams and the development of an inspiring organisation are inextricably tied to each other to achieve long-lasting results. Perpetuum creates programs on 3 levels.

Team level

Effective teamwork contributes strongly to the competitiveness of an organisation. Strong teams define their collective ambition, they work together on team-effectiveness and are continuously involved in their own development. That’s teamwork!

Team: what moves us?

  • Adopt a joint objective and act accordingly
  • Define the optimal team make up and use each other’s skills
  • Have trust in each other and communicate effectively with each other
  • Commit themselves to joint decisions and take individual responsibility to achieve them
  • Achieve and celebrate team results
  • C

  • ​​

  • Ilse Heesterbeek
  • thomas-vencken
  • Floor van Wingerden
  • Rutger Wijnholt
  • Alexander van der Heijden
  • John Bastiaanssen
  • Marlou van Paridon
  • Jacco Beentjes
  • Jolanda Holwerda
  • Daniella Zwaaf
  • Ronald van Westering
  • Rob van der Westerlaken