Customer programs

Perpetuum has a wealth of experience and modules. Together with you we develop programs which form a perfect match to your specific needs. Depending on the need we offer one or a combination of the following activities:

Activities for organisations

1. Management/ MT level

We work at the highest level within organisations with interactive and intensive workshops and counseling to address the following issues:


  • Define the organisation’s mission statement and ambition in the context of the organisation’s development and market conditions
  • Determine strategic priorities and projects and define implementation plans  for these projects

Strategic clock: periodical strategic and operational  meetings for the purpose of safe-guarding the strategic priorities.

Culture and organization development

  • Determine the (changing) corporate culture and the corresponding behavior of the people
  • Define the required change for (higher) management and employees and programming for implementation
  • Supervising the implementation (organization coach) to safe-guard the requested organisation’s development

Customer oriented innovation

  • Who are your customers and what are their (unfulfilled) needs? Who are the customers of your customers?
  • In what way will you integrate the wishes and needs of your customers into product innovation and creation, in order to accomplish a more successful proposition?
  • How can you adapt your present processes to become more client oriented?

2. (Higher) management

In cooperation with (higher) management Perpetuum develops and implements (for more than one day) programs, workshops and management games on the following topics:

  • Involving (higher) management in the implementation of the strategic choices and projects.
  • A changing role of (higher) management according to the development of the organization.
  • Implementation and embedding of the (changing) culture throughout the entire organization.

3. Employees

In cooperation with (higher) management Perpetuum creates and implements interactive programs to involve all employees within the organisation to develop and help them to adapt to the changing role for the employees. These programs may range from brief  sessions to more than one day sessions and are:

  • Informative and interactive (stimulating  understanding)
  • Inspiring and with impactful (stimulating motivation)
  • Action- and practice oriented (stimulating action)
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  • Floor van Wingerden
  • Daniella Zwaaf
  • Alexander van der Heijden
  • Jolanda Holwerda
  • John Bastiaanssen
  • Ilse Heesterbeek
  • Rutger Wijnholt
  • Marlou van Paridon
  • Ronald van Westering
  • thomas-vencken
  • Rob van der Westerlaken
  • Jacco Beentjes

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