Customer programs

Perpetuum has a wealth of experience and modules. Together with you we develop programs which form a perfect match to your specific needs. Depending on the need we offer one or a combination of the following activities:

Activities on an individual level

Personal coaching:

  • Coaching in personal development, authenticity and personal leadership.

Training sessions in the field of:

  • Personal effectiveness, personal presentation, communication and influence of others
  • Advisory skills, sales effectiveness, consultative selling, account management and Negotiation skills
  • Management style and skills, authentic leadership and entrepreneurship in management positions
  • ​​

  • C

  • Floor van Wingerden
  • Ilse Heesterbeek
  • John Bastiaanssen
  • Ronald van Westering
  • Marlou van Paridon
  • thomas-vencken
  • Jacco Beentjes
  • Alexander van der Heijden
  • Rob van der Westerlaken
  • Jolanda Holwerda
  • Rutger Wijnholt
  • Daniella Zwaaf